Google Analytics 4 migrations made easy

Save time and future proof your clients’ Google Analytics tracking with only 4 steps!


future-proof your client’s Analytics implementation 

Get your clients ready for Google Analytics 4 today

While working for Digital Marketing agencies we have noticed that many clients are hesitant about the new Google Analytics 4 property.

They don’t want to give up on Universal Analytics and do not have the time and resources to duplicate their current GTM implementation to Google Analytics 4.

That’s why we came up with GA4 Tag Migrator, an automation tool that allows you to migrate a website from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 with only 4 steps.

Automated Migrator

Automate the migration to Google Analytics 4

GA4 Tag Migrator automatically duplicates all existing Universal Analytics tags and transforms them into GA4 tags. And no worries, if your client doesn’t have a GA4 property yet, you can create one directly in our tool.

You will be able to future-proof your client’s Analytics implementation within a few minutes. With this lifetime deal, you can get all your clients ready for GA4.

  • Pageview Tracking
  • Event Tracking
  • Custom Dimensions (Coming Soon)
  • Custom Metrics (Coming Soon)

Create GA4 Property

You can easily create a Google Analytics 4 property and datastream

Easy Login

Use a Google account for a quick and convenient login

Unlimited Websites

With this lifetime deal, you can migrate unlimited tags and websites


What others are saying about GA4 Tag Migrator

I love how easy everything gets duplicated – Magic!

Laura Benito

Analytics Manager

Amazing how I was able to migrate to GA4 within minutes!”

Drew Forster

Technical Analytics Director

“Definitely worth the money with so much time saved”

Bert Schildermans

Head of Analytics