Armando Panman de Wit

Enjoys automating as much as possible

GA4 Tag Migrator


While working a few years for an agency I have noticed there are still many processes being executed manually. I love the satisfaction of automating something and thereby saving myself and others a lot of time. We are already concerned with too many things at the same time, so why add some boring and repetitive task?

I have also noticed a lot of clients want to start using Google Analytics 4, but do not have the resources to start double tracking their entire website. This is where GA4 Tag Migrator comes in. We make sure you are able to migrate your tags as easy and as fast as possible.

While double tagging your website using this approach is useful when you have limited resources, I do believe companies should use this moment to rethink their data collection. The data structure has changed, and this creates the opportunity for you to really start thinking about what you are tracking and what you want to track. Do you need help any with your tracking? Do not hesitate to contact me.